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What it's Like Working at a Major Art Museum

The Muse caught up with Nancy Spector, deputy director and Jennifer and David Stockman Chief Curator at the Guggenheim Museum to hear from a leader in the field and to get a glimpse at the balancing act required to be at the helm of one of the world's most prestigious modern art museums.

6 Top Ways Job Candidates Fail

by Keith Griffin

The job-hunting process is a minefield filled with potential pitfalls. One employment agency has quantified where job seekers are most likely to implode with the interview being the worst area.

What does HR want to hear about your weaknesses?

Most hiring managers will at some point pop this dreaded interview question: “What's your biggest weakness?”

The Cover Letters that Make Hiring Managers Smile - Then Call You!

Article from The Daily Muse, by Jenny Foss

You know that next job of yours? Yes, that’s right, the really amazing one with the brilliant co-workers, cool boss, and fresh, free snacks in the office vending machine? That one.

You know how you’re going to land it? By quickly showing your future employer that:

a) You’re going to perform incredibly well in this job.
b) You’re insanely likable.
c) You’re really going to fit in around there.

Need Inspiration? Top 100 Inspirational Quotes

In Forbes magazine, by Kevin Kruse

Inspirational quotes and motivational quotes have the power to get us through a bad week, and can even  give us the courage to pursue our life’s dreams. In my book, 4 Keys to Happiness and Fulfillment at Work, I share surprising research into the true triggers of workplace motivation. So in the spirit of self motivation, here are 100 inspirational quotes.

Success Stories

Christine Uses Informational Interviews for the Job Search

Christine, a senior at the UO, began her career research/networking a year ago. She has an interest in pursuing a career in the fashion industry and wants to work in New York City – two aspirations that are challenging due to her living on the west coast, not having studied fashion (she is an art history major), and not having any connections to NYC. But, she didn’t let any of those factors deter her. Here is how she went about the search:   Trial, error, and roadblocks

A&AA 408/508 Career Exploration

  This class has really pushed me to think about and solidify what I want and need in a career, and I think that made it easier to articulate everything during the interview in a concise and well-reasoned manner. Plus, having an extra person in my little cheering section gave me all the confidence I needed to make sure they know I'm perfect for this job and will work my tail off to succeed at it. So, thank you for all your support!! Fingers crossed :)  Amanda Taylor, Fall 2013

Tiffany Hall (MPA'11) gets hired at Providence Alaska Foundation

After graduating with an MPA in 2011, Tiffany Hall searched high and low for jobs in Portland and didn't hear a peep. She applied for a job in Anchorage, AK as a Philanthropy Officer for Providence Alaska Foundation and got hired! 

Rachael Bohning gets courtside to photograph the Blazers

How can you narrow your career interests, make professional connections, and explore internship/job opportunities? Rachael Bohning, a senior majoring in Art with a Photography concentration, found out when she completed an informational interview assignment for AAA 408/508: Internship Preparation. “It’s a brilliant idea and no one knows about it,” Bohning said of informational interviews. Going into the class, she was unsure of what type of photography she wanted to pursue. One of her class assignments was to arrange an informational interview with a professional in her desired career field.

Jessica Garner applies classroom skills to her career search

Thanks to this class I was prodigiously prepared to schmooze, ask great questions, and get the most out of the experience…My career goals remain the same, but I have a renewed vigor to continue becoming an expert in the field of green design. Also, I have decided to take the LEED Exam at the end of December.

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