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Interview No-No's: Screaming, Stealing, Lying and Bring Your Pet Bird

Your job candidate sits down, takes a family photo off your desk and deposits it into her purse. Another one slips off her shoe, pulls out some Johnson’s baby lotion and proceeds to slather it on her foot. Seriously?

2016 A&AA Recruitment Fair

On February 18th, 2016, students will have the opportunity to meet and network with recruiters from employers actively recruiting to fill internships & jobs, right here in Lawrence Hall!

ARCH + IARCH Internship Info. Session

Xian Dai Architectural Design Company (4 openings) - Shanghai, China

We are building an exciting synergistic relationship with Xian Dai, which is one of the top architectural firms in China.  This internship will give you the opportunity to work with Xian Dai teams who are designing cutting edge projects in a fast-paced environment.  Basic requirements are:

11 Steps to Network like a Boss

"Clever introduction" + "business card exchange" = "job offer" is the networking formula, right? Surely, an efficient transaction like that is why people subject themselves to capital-N Networking events, with hundreds of people trying to balance a glass of wine and plate of shrimp in one hand, while giving a strong-but-not-too-strong handshake.

6 Reasons You Should Keep Up Your Job Search During the Holiday Season

As the holiday season draws in, it’s easy to get distracted by all the festivities going on around you and your job hunt will often get placed on the back burner. It’s a busy time of the year and it’s a common misconception that hiring managers won’t be making any new hires over Christmas, however this isn’t necessarily true and it could actually be a really good time of the year to rev up your job search a bit.

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