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NEW Academic Residential Community for Art and Design!

Announcing a new student job opportunity in the new Art and Design Community - Fall 2017! 


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Teaching and Learning in the HKU Summer Institute is never confined in a classroom, your students will:

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JAN 8: Last Day To Receive A 100% Tuition Refund On Dropped Classes


JAN 9: First Day Of Winter Courses

JAN 9-15: Last Day To Reduce Credits & Receive A 100% Tuition Refund


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SOMD seeks Student Designer

The School of Music and Dance’s choral department is in the process of creating an album of live recordings from the past three years.  We are looking for a student with prior graphic design and/or art design experience who would be interested in creating the album art and designs for the CD, booklet, and case.  These designs will hopefully offer the best of both the traditional collegiate choral look and offer something exciting and unique to make the album stand out next to other albums
from similar ensembles and programs

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