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Kassia Encourages Creative Career Outlook Amongst SOMD Students!

Kassia Dellabough, Director of PODS, had the opportunity to present to students of the School of Music and Dance (SOMD). Navigating Creative Careers was the topic that offered students insight regarding their career options for the future. Her presentation covered many aspects for finding the right career for each student.

How to Talk About Your Strengths in an Interview

Despite the frequency with which this question gets asked, in my experience it is still one area in which many people fall down. I wrote a blog earlier in the year about talking about your weaknesses (click here to read) and following conversations with a number of candidates I felt it would be beneficial to focus on the other side in terms of talking about your strengths, something which people often assume will be easier.

Success Story! Andrew Penn & G.B.D. Architects

Andrew has just informed us that after his Summer Internship with G.B.D. Architects, he was approached with the opportunity to reapply for a permanent position!


PODS: Tell us about yourself?

ANDREW: My name is Andrew Penn and I’m a 5th year Architecture Major. I’ve been involved in the Art fields for about 13 years as well.

Success Story! UPDATE: Christine Uses Informational Interviews for the Job Search

Christine, a senior at the UO, began her career research/networking a year ago. She has an interest in pursuing a career in the fashion industry and wants to work in New York City – two aspirations that are challenging due to her living on the west coast, not having studied fashion (she is an art history major), and not having any connections to NYC. But, she didn’t let any of those factors deter her. Here is how she went about the search:


Trial, error, and roadblocks

Don't Believe These 8 Job Search Myths

If you are tired of the job search rat race, then stop doing what you are doing. While you are at it, dismiss all the assumptions you’ve made about how jobs get filled. People hire people, not résumés. Let’s debunk your beliefs and myths associated with job searching..

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