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4 Ways to Beat the Job Hunt Blues

A prolonged job hunt can take the best out of even the happiest potential employee. Exasperation and negativity creep in. Your co-workers might start to notice that something is just a bit "off" about the happy go lucky guy/gal that used to sit at your desk

What Employers Are Looking For When Hiring Recent College Grads

Many employers today feel that recent college graduates are falling short in their preparedness to join the workforce.

10 Essential Policies to Follow in the Job Search

The other day I was walking up a hill I used to run up. Riding down the hill were a group of four boys. Only one of the boys was wearing a helmet, so I said to them, “How come only one of you is smart enough to wear a helmet?” They shrugged their shoulders, riding on. I’m sure I embarrassed the hell out of the one smart boy.  As I walked on I thought that the parents of the one boy probably enforce the helmet policy, and they won’t let him leave the house without one on.

Basic Tips for Clueless Job Seekers

On LinkedIn by Bruce Kasanoff:

Can't figure out why your nephew has been looking for a job for three years? The career skills you take for granted may not be obvious to your friends or relatives. For example, I recently heard about a job candidate who answered a text message in the middle of his job interview. (Hint: turn off your phone during your interview.) Here are some of the absolute basics. Pass this list to anyone you suspect may not already understand these simple lessons. Any of them are enough to sink a job search...

Is Gen Z Unemployable?

College and university focus on picking a major may be more of a hindrance than a benefit to today’s graduating students, say business leaders.  The students of Generation Z are a confident group that almost always believe they are ready to take the next step or take on the next task, no matter how prepared they actually are. Whether it’s taking a final exam after one night’s worth of cramming or earning a promotion in their first year, today’s youth truly believe they can get the job done...

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