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Is Gen Z Unemployable?

College and university focus on picking a major may be more of a hindrance than a benefit to today’s graduating students, say business leaders.  The students of Generation Z are a confident group that almost always believe they are ready to take the next step or take on the next task, no matter how prepared they actually are. Whether it’s taking a final exam after one night’s worth of cramming or earning a promotion in their first year, today’s youth truly believe they can get the job done...

Here’s What You Say When An Interviewer Says, ‘Tell Me About Yourself

Interviews are uncomfortable, weird, and awkward.

4 Ways to Train Your Brain for Positivity

Not a natural optimist? Use these simple exercises to train your brain to more easily pick out the positive. You know how when you play Tetris for awhile, even after you stop, you can still see those little falling blocks in your mind's eye? The persistence of Tetris isn't simply an annoying effect of a cleverly designed game, according to scientists. Instead it's a reflection of something deeply positive about our brains--their plasticity. That's a according to a recent post by iDoneThis founder Walter Chen on productivity blog buffer. Read the full article from

Happy Brain Science: Rewire Your Brain

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to rewire and change its structure. Neuroplasticity allows us to change our habits, our ways of thinking and our behaviors. So saying, “That’s just how I am,” is a cop-out!

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