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Big Island Farms Fall 2017/Summer 2018 Internships!

Our internship’s vision is to inspire and motivate individuals to be proactive in their education through self-discovery and experiential learning, developing skills of critical and holistic thinking, self-sufficiency, and community building while simultaneously learning to be stewards of the land and innovative leaders for the future.

At Big Island Farm, we welcome you to partake in a unique experience of working and building a start-up with a focus on application, engagement, and self-discovery.

Our Hawaii farm currently exists in the most exciting phase of establishment—the inception. We are not a program that needs people to come and merely maintain an already designed system of actions or events. We are a program that aspires to design and build this ecosystem alongside eager-to-learn individuals. Being selected for our internship is an opportunity we provide so that each chosen individual is able to establish creativity and a truly meaningful connection that will in turn positively impact the manifestation of the farm. This internship opportunity is an investment into an interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial, consciously cultivated project that wholly seeks to change the world and maximize the potential of creative individuals actively conceptualizing.

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